Skip Counting For Class 1 – Free worksheets

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Skip counting is the early stage of multiplication. By understanding the concept of skip counting kids can easily do multiplication. Instead of introducing multiplication tables directly, the skip counting concept is introduced in class 1.

Skip Counting

Counting Forward or backward by a number other than 1, say 2s, 5s, and so on is called skip counting.

Counting in 2s


In skip counting 2s every second number is noted like 2,4,6,8..etc. We add the number by 2. if you start the number from 3 then 5, 7 like that it goes on.

Counting in 5s

In skip counting 5s every 5th number is noted like 5, 10,15, etc. We add every 5 numbers. If you start from 3 then 8, 13 it goes on like that.

In skip counting 10s every 10th number is noted like 10, 20, 30, etc.

To make the kids understand the concept of skip counting give any number and make then to skip count by 2s,3s,4s etc.

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