EVS For Class 1 Revision – Part 1

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Let’s give a quick revision in EVS for class 1 kids. The topics covered are my family, my home, my body, the food we eat, and my good habits. Also, check the given links to get the free worksheets under each topic. Check part2 and part 3  blog for the complete syllables.

My Family

  1. Tell about yourself
  •         My name is _____.
  • I am ____ years old.
  • My birthday is on ___.
  • I study in class____.
  • I study in ___(school name)
  • My favorite color is __.

2. Parents and children living together make a _____.

Ans – family

3. What do you mean by parents?

Ans – Father and Mother.

4. What do you mean by Children in a family?

Ans – Brother and Sister

5. Rewrite these words correctly – thfaer, thmoer, tersis, therbro

Ans – father, mother, brother, sister

6. Parents with one or two children make a ( small, large) family.

Ans – small.

7. Parents with three or more children make a ( small, large) family.

Ans – large.

8. Parents, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins living together in a single house make a ( large, joint ) family.

Ans – joint family.

9. Rewrite these words correctly – thfaerandgr, thmoerandgr, clune, unta, sinscou

Ans – grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, cousins.

10. Father’s or mother’s sister is called aunt – true or false.

11. Uncle’s or aunt’s children are called cousins – true or false.

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My Home

  1. Name any one thing from which our house protects us.

Ans – heat and cold, rain, animals, thieves.

2, Name any two rooms in your home.

Ans – living room, bedroom.

3. In which room do we cook food?

Ans – kitchen.

4, Mention any two items that you find in the living room.

Ans – tv, sofa.

5. Mention any two items that you find in the kitchen.

Ans – gas stove, plate.

6. A house is made of bricks, cement, and sand – true or false.

7. Draw a picture of a house and color it.

8. Why do we need a house?

Ans – To protect us from heat and cold, rain, storm, thieves, and animals.

My Body

  1. Which part of our body helps us to stand and run?

Ans – Leg

2. How many fingers are there in each hand?

Ans – 5

3. Which part of our body helps us to hear?

Ans – ear

4. Which part of our body helps us to taste food?

Ans – tongue

5. The (head/leg) has eyes, ears, nose, lips, and mouth.

Ans – head

6. (leg/ hand) helps us to hold things.

Ans – hand

7. There are ( five / ten ) toes on each foot.

Ans – five

8. (Skin/teeth) help us to bite and chew food.

Ans – Teeth

9. (Sense organs/arms) are parts of the body that help us to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.

Ans – Sense organs

10. A touch that makes you feel pleasant and comfortable is called a good touch. True / false.

11. A touch that makes you feel unpleasant and comfortable, is called a bad touch. True/ False.

12. What you should do when an unknown person touches you?

Ans – Try to move away from that place and inform your parents about the person.

13. How many sense organs are there? Name them.

Ans – 5. eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin.

14. Skin helps us to feel. True/ False.

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Food We Eat

  1. What are the two sources of food?

Ans – Plants and animals.

2. Name any two food items we get from plants.

Ans – fruits and vegetables, pulses, nuts, and cereals.

3. Name any two vegetables.

Ans – carrot, tomato.

4. Name any two fruits.

Ans – apple, banana

5. Name any two kinds of cereal.

Ans – Rice, wheat.

6. What are the three main mealtimes a day?

Ans – Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

7. The food we eat in the morning is known as (breakfast/lunch).

8. The food we eat in the afternoon is known as (lunch/dinner).

9. The food we eat at night is known as (dinner/breakfast).

10. Name any two nuts.

Ans – almond, cashew nut

11. We need food to live, grow, and get energy. (true/false).

12. Food also helps us to become healthy and strong. ( true/false).

13. Name any two foods we get from animals.

Ans – egg, milk, fish, and meat.

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Good Habits and Cleanliness

  1. What should we do when we meet elders?

Ans – Greet them

2. List the golden words.

Ans – Sorry, excuse me, please, thank you, welcome, good morning.

3. Where should we throw the waste?

Ans – dustbin

4. What is the absence of dirt, dust, and bad smell called?

Ans – Cleanliness

5. What should you clean your ears with?

Ans – soft earbuds

6. Why should we close the tap tightly after use?

Ans – To avoid wastage of water

7. A habit is something a person does often without thinking about it. (true/false)







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