The Significance Of Teaching Kids About Body Parts | Free Worksheets

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Knowing about their body and body parts, increase the ability in kids to develop their health in healthy and stronger manners. It also encourages kids to accept their body parts as they are and to keep their physical organs in good condition. It’s important to teach a kid, to know about the various organs and their functionality.

Parts of the body and their uses

Every part of the body has a special role to play. The head has hair, eyes, ears. nose. lips, and mouth. The neck joins the head to the rest of the body. The arm helps us to hold and carry things. The hand helps us to write and hold things. The leg helps us to stand, walk, and run. The knee helps us to bend our legs while sitting, walking, and running. The feet help us to stand up straight. There are five toes on each foot.

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Why do we have teeth?

Teeth help us to bite and chew the food. The digestion process starts from the mouth by chewing the food. An adult has 32 teeth in total. It’s very important to teach your kid, how to maintain their teeth in a proper way.

What are sense organs?

Parts of the body that help us to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel are called sense organs. Explain this to kids with pictures for better understanding.

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Good Touch and Bad Touch

Certain parts in our body which are covered are called our private parts. It’s very important to safeguard them.

What is Good Touch?

A touch that makes you feel pleasant and comfortable is called a good touch. For example, when your mother or father or your grandparents hug and kiss you or hold hands with your friends while playing.

What is Bad Touch?

A touch that makes you feel unpleasant and uncomfortable, is called a bad touch. For example, when someone touches your private parts without any reason and asks you not to tell anyone.

When an unknown person touches you,

  • you should not get afraid.
  • call out to someone close by.
  • move away from the place.
  • inform your parents about the person.

Download Worksheets

  • Label the body parts
  • Match sense organs
  • Match the body parts

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