Me and My Family Fun Activity | Free Worksheets

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Children must learn the value of family and how it contributes to a secure future. Children rely on their parents for their needs and protection. A child’s first relationship is with his or her parents and family. Parents must instill in their children the values of family in their lives. By encouraging the children to learn about themself and their families, they gain confidence and moral support.

We have created our worksheet as a fun activity so that the kids enjoy it while doing them.


Download this worksheet and make a DIY reusable worksheet. Practice your kid regularly so that they know about themselves. From this worksheet, they come to know and write about their name, age, gender, the place they live, the school name, parents name, their favorite things.

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Me and my family worksheet

This worksheet consists of 9 pages. It’s a fun activity for kids by sticking photos of their family members and themselves. Select the template you want and download them. Help your kid to do this activity by providing them the photos needed.

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Happy moments with your family activity worksheet

Your kid must have had many happy moments with your family members during vacation, festivals, or weekends. This worksheet consists of family members’ names in one column and certain activities in other columns. Ask your kid to put a tick according to the activities done.

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Type of family activity worksheet

Types of a family

  • small family.
  • large family.
  • joint family.
  • single-parent family.

By doing this worksheet your kid knows about their friend’s family type. The worksheet consists of the name of your kid’s friend, the type of family in one column, and the number of members in that family. Kids have to discuss with their friends and find out if they belong to a small, large, or joint family. Also, find out the number of members in their family.

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Family tree activity

Make a family tree by pasting the pictures of your family members

DIY photo frame activity

Make a DIY photo frame from a chart or download the theme and stick it to a chart paper. Paste your family photo and gift it to your parents or family members.

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Download Worksheets

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