Numbers Counting 1-10 for Kindergarten | Free Worksheets

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Counting is the first step of addition. After teaching 1-10 kids can start counting the objects. Counting helps the kid to add the number of objects present. Counting is also used to revise the numbers 1-10. Regular practice of counting can increase the kid’s motor skills. If the kid is fine with counting he/she can learn the numbers quickly. Counting helps the child to learn addition and subtraction quickly.

At what age child can count numbers?

Don’t worry about the kid’s age. Age doesn’t matter. If the kid understands the numbers then he/she can easily pick up counting. Most kids are fine at the age of around 4. It depends upon the kid’s skills and interests. Regular practice makes them learn quickly.

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How to bring interest in kids?

Counting can be taught in fun ways. Kids love to learn while they play. Counting can be taught in two ways

  • objects counting
  • picture counting

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Objects counting

Make the kid count the toys while playing. they don’t know that they are learning. They think it’s a game and starts counting their toys happily.

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Picture counting

Draw some apples and make the kid count the number of apples. To bring interest in kids colorful pictures can be given.

Download Worksheets

Here is the list of worksheets to practice for counting.

  • Count, color, and write the total number.
  • Color and count the picture according to the picture shown.
  • Count the pictures and match them to the appropriate number.
  • Count the items on both sides and circle the side that has more.
  • Write the number of similar objects.
  • Draw the pictures for the given number.
  • Count the sides of the shapes and write them down in the provided box.

Click here to download the worksheets

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