Ascending And Descending Order | Free Worksheets

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Ascending and descending order is an interesting concept to teach. From this concept, kids know the numbers’ order and can easily identify the smallest and biggest numbers. Children may be shown a snakes and ladders board to further explain the concept of ascending and descending order in an interesting way. Let’s see about the topic and please do check our free printable worksheets.

Ascending Order

In ascending order, the numbers are written from the smallest to the greatest. That is the numbers are written in increasing order.

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Descending order

In descending order, the numbers are written from the greatest to the smallest. That is the numbers are written in decreasing order.

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Hint to remember

  • A single-digit number is always less than a two-digit number.
  • For any two two-digit numbers, the number which has the greater digit in the tens place is always greater.

Fun activity

Arranging numbers in ascending or descending order

Materials Required

Flashcards for numbers from 1 to 20

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Flashcards with numbers from 1 to 20 can be given to five children. Each child should select a card. Then, they can stand in ascending order according to the number on the card. This activity can be repeated for the descending order as well.

Download Worksheets

  • Ascending order
  • Descending order

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