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The basics of maths start with addition. If the kid is well thorough with counting you can start with addition. The addition is a new concept for kids. Let’s see how to teach them in different ways.

Basics of addition

The addition means putting together. If you count one or more objects to already present one, can be named as an addition. For example, if there are 5 students in a class and one more join in. Then there are 6 students in a class. We can explain to kids as 5 and 1 makes 6.

In the given picture there are 6 apples. If 2 more apples are added. Then you say there are 8 apples altogether.

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Symbol recognition

As soon as the addition concepts are introduced we can start with the symbol recognition. The Plus “+” symbol represents the addition. As soon as the kid sees the “+” symbol they fix their mind that they are going to add one more to the object. Another symbol you have to introduce is the equal symbol “=”. The answer that we get after adding two numbers is called a sum. The sum of numbers can be written after the “=” symbol.

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Category of addition

As kids are new to addition concepts they can be thought of in different categories. Picture addition, number addition, and my favorite is toys addition. Let’s see in detail.

Picture addition

Kids can easily understand any concepts if we teach them with pictures. The reason is the pictures are very colorful. They easily get attracted to them. So teaching through pictures is a perfect one to start.

Number addition

If the kid is through with the picture addition you can start with the number addition. Numbers from 0-9, that is the addition of the single-digit number.

Toys addition

One of my favorite concepts of addition is toy addition. Kids learn quickly while they play. So teaching them while they play will be a perfect one.

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Download Worksheets

When you give more practice to a concept the kid gets well thorough in that concept. Check out our free printable worksheets for addition. Take the printout and make a DIY reusable worksheet, so that the kid can practice them regularly. Our worksheets are fruits, vegetables, and stationary concepts. Kids get attracted to them easily.

Click here to download the worksheets


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