Why are Shapes Important For Preschoolers? | Free Worksheets

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Shapes are a very important topic to cover. As soon as the kids start exploring the environment around them, they first visualize things as shapes. In our minds, every object around us is identified as a shape.

Importance of shapes

Learning shapes while they explore the environment, make them learn shapes quickly. Everything is loaded with shapes. Everything around us is perceived as shaped by our minds, including things, buildings, the human body, and everything else. The kids differentiate the objects by analyzing their shapes. They will have a better understanding of the object if they are familiar with the shapes.

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Basic shapes

It’s fine to present fundamental shapes to kindergarten kids. Basic shapes like squares, circles, ovals, rectangles, triangles, hearts, and stars can be introduced to kids. As these are the basic shapes in the environment. They can be taught through the use of real-world objects.

Sides of shapes

Shapes are made of one or more sides. The number of sides represents the shapes. So it’s important to teach them the sides of shapes. Counting practice can be given to kids to analyze the number of sides the shape has.

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Comparing shapes with the environmental objects

After introducing the different shapes compare the shapes with the objects around them. When things are compared with shapes they start differencing the objects. For example, the sun is a circle shape, books are a rectangle shape, and the ice cream cone is a triangle in shape.

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Download Worksheets

Check out our free printable worksheet for kids to practice regularly. Worksheets are designed to be simple to use by children.

  • Match the shapes
  • Different shapes with dotted lines

Click here to download the worksheets

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