Fingerprint Activity for Kids – Free Worksheets

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Fingerprints are the impression of your fingertips. Each finger has a fingerprint. Every fingerprint is different from every other fingerprint. your fingerprints will never change. No one else has fingerprints like you.

Uses of fingerprints

Fingerprints enable us to identify a person. People who are uneducated do not know how to sign documents. Thumb fingerprints were used as an identity instead of signatures. Fingerprints can help the police to identify a criminal.

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Patterns of fingerprints

There are some common patterns in people’s fingerprints. The three common patterns are

  • whorl pattern
  • arch pattern
  • loop pattern

Let’s do some fingerprint activity to understand better

Fingerprint apple tree activity

Things you will need

  • Chart paper
  • Brown, green, and red paint


  1. Dip the side of your hand in brown paint.
  2. Stamp it on the paper. That’s the trunk.
  3. Dip your index finger in green paint.
  4. Stamp it lots of times on the paper. Those are your leaves.
  5. Dip your little fingers in red paint.
  6. Stamp it lightly on the paper. Those are your apples.


This is a fun activity for kids to play with their fingers and paint. They can see their fingerprints differs from others.

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Fingerprint detective activity

Things you will need

  • A sheet of paper.
  • stamp pad or paint.


  1. Ask five of your friends or family members to place their thumb fingerprints on two sheets of paper.
  2. In one sheet name them according to their fingerprints.
  3. Now match the other sheet with the named fingerprints.
  4. Find the same fingerprints that match the other.


The fingerprint detective game is a fun activity for kids. They can see the different fingerprints each one has.

Common fun fingerprint activity

  • You can also make a fingerprint butterfly, fruits, vegetables, and so on.
  • A fun counting activity can be done using your fingers. To count five ask your kid to dip the finger in paint and place their fingers five times.
  • Greeting cards can be made.

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Worksheets for fingerprint activity

Click here to download the free printable worksheets


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