Importance Of Pre-number Concepts | Free Worksheets

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Pre-number concepts are important concepts for kids. These are the basic fundamental concepts for their daily life. These pre-number concepts are not only covered in maths but also in all subjects. From this concept, kids can sort and differentiate the objects around them. All these concepts are covered in our worksheets with colorful pictures. The Pre-number concepts covered are,

  • More and Less
  • Tall and Short
  • Big and Small
  • Long and Short
  • Thick and Thin
  • Inside and Outside
  • Top and Bottom
  • Near and Far
  • On and Under
  • Above and Below

More and less

To find more or less, kids have to be okay with counting. By counting only he/ she can easily see which one is more and which one is less.

Tall and short

Kids can be asked to stand with their friends in pairs. They themself can check who is taller or who is shorter. This will be the best example to teach them.

Big and small

Three concepts tall and short, big and small, Long and short, and thick and thin are always a little confusing concepts to kids. Proper practice should be given to them. Big and small can be explained by differentiating the animals.

Long and short

Tall and short, long and short are a bit similar. The only difference is that “tall and short” describes the height and “long and short” describes the length.

Thick and thin

Thick and thin can be differentiated by the thickness of the object. This can be differentiated by showing a thick book and a thin book.

Inside and outside

Inside and outside can be taught easily. This concept can be explained by keeping an object inside and outside of a bag or box.

Top and bottom

Place an object at the top and bottom and ask your kid to differentiate it whether it’s placed at the top or bottom.

Near and far

Point to the objects that are near to you and far from you. Ask your kid to give some examples of the objects that are near and far from them.

On and under

Place some objects on the table and under the table. Ask your kid to differentiate from whether it’s on or under the table.

Above and below

Ask your kid what’s above them or what’s below the table. They get confused with on and under, above, and below. Differentiate with an example.

Fun Activity

Sorting objects

Materials required

  • crayons of various lengths
  • balls of various size
  • two cups of water – one having less water and the other having more water.


Children should arrange the crayons according to their lengths. Then, they should identify the longest crayon and shortest crayon. Next, they should arrange the balls according to their sizes. then, they should identify the biggest ball and the smallest ball. Finally. the children should be given two cups of water.  They should identify the cup with the lesser amount of water.

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pre number concepts

  • Big and small
  • Tall and short
  • More and less
  • Long and short
  • Thick and thin
  • Top and bottom


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