Comparison Of Numbers | Free Worksheets

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When two numbers are compared, one will be greater than, one will be less than, or one will be equal to the other. Comparison of numbers concept helps the children in sorting.

Greater than (>)

How many red balloons are there? 6

How many green balloons are there? 3

so red balloons are more in number than the blue ones.

We can write it as 6 > 3.

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Lesser than (<)

How many apples are there? 7

How many oranges are there? 4

So oranges are lesser than apples

We can write it as 4 < 7.

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Equal to (=)

In both the pen stand you have an equal number of pens.

This is written as 7 = 7.

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Fun Activity On Comparison of Numbers

Comparison of numbers

Material required

Flashcards with pictures of two jars on each card ( numbers should be written at the top of each jar; space for writing numbers and the symbols <, >, or = to be given as shown), pencils, and crayons.


Children should be asked to draw and color the correct number of beads in the jars according to the number written at the top. Children can then compare the numbers and fill in the correct symbol.

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