English Alphabet Practice | Free Worksheets

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When kids begin to explore their surroundings, they are stuffed with questions such as what is this, who are they, how is this, and so on. Before introducing alphabets first crab kids interest to learn. Some gain interest at the age 2 some at the age 3. Introducing letters is the primary concept of any language. Don’t rush with all alphabets, start one by one. Let’s see the different ways of introducing alphabets to kids.

Identify the Letters

Start introducing letters one by one to kids. Let them identify letters. Teach them the phonics sound. For example, if you’re teaching them the letter “a” teach them with the appropriate phonic sound and pictures like A for apple, alligator, airplane. If they’re fine with the alphabet start with the second one.

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Trace the letter

Tracing the letter can be done in different ways.

  • Finger tracing
  • Give them chalk to trace the letters on a black sheet of board paper or black writing board.
  • Get the printout of the alphabet or readily available books for tracing.
  • If u can manage the kid you can do this as an activity. Put the playing sand or grains on a plate and ask them to write on it. Kids will love this activity.
  • Montessori tracing boards are available for tracing.

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Match the alphabet

Matching the alphabet is the best way of teaching them. Kids always love matching. Give practice for matching the alphabet with the pictures. Please check our worksheets for practice.

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Introducing  uppercase and lowercase letters

Kids always get confused with uppercase and lowercase letters especially for b, d, q, p. Introduce one-by-one both uppercase and lowercase letters.

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Missing alphabets

By asking them to fill in the missing alphabets they can learn the order of the letters quickly. Do for both uppercase and lowercase letters. In missing alphabet teaching you can ask your kid what is the before and after letters.


Through flashcards, you can ask your kid to identify the letters. Show them appropriate pictures for better understanding. There are various ways to play with flashcards. Jumble the words and ask to range them. Play missing the letter with flashcards. Match the words with uppercase and lowercase letters. Use flashcards according to the kid’s interest.

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Download Worksheets

  • Identify the letters
  • Match the alphabets
  • Match uppercase and lowercase
  • Missing letter

Click here to download the worksheets


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