Vehicle Theme Free Coloring Worksheets

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Coloring is the best fun activity for kids. Parents struggle to keep the kids engaged all the time. Colouring different themes make your kid engaged for some time. Coloring not only makes your kid fully engaged it also improve their fine motor skills. Colouring different themes help your kids to concentrate on the colors of the theme and also makes them learn the different ways of transport. The themes available are

  • Air transport theme.
  • Water transport theme.
  • Land transport theme.
  • Community vehicle theme.
  • Farm vehicle theme.

By dividing the coloring theme like this makes the kid understand the different ways of transport and their uses.

Air transport theme: Air transport is an important source of transport that connects people at regional, national, and international levels. The vehicles used for air transport are kids’ all-time favorite airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, gliders, and so on.

Water transport theme: Water transport is another important way of transport which connects the people of a large distance. water transport can also be known as watercraft. The vehicles used for water transport are ships, boats, submarines, surfboats, and so on.

Land transport theme: Land transport is part of people’s life. It fulfills peoples day to day life. Without land transport vehicles people cant fulfill their needs. It’s the first mean of transport inverted by humans to move from one place to another. Car, bus, auto, truck, and etc are the vehicles used for land transport.

Community vehicle theme: Community vehicles are nothing but vehicles that services people like, ambulances, police cars, fire engines, and etc.

Farm vehicle theme: These are the vehicle that helps the people on the farm during cultivation. These include a tractor, sprayer, field cultivator, shredders and cutters, and etc.

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