Why We Need Food? | Free Worksheets

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We need food to live, grow, and get energy. We need the energy to work, think, and play. Consequently, Food also helps us to become healthy and strong. By teaching the kids the importance of food, they come to know the nutritional facts and help them to differentiate between healthy food and junk food. By teaching children about food sources, they will be able to distinguish between food that comes from plants and animals.

Sources of Food

We get food from both plants and animals. For better understanding show some of the fruits, vegetables, eggs, butter to kids and ask them to name them. Touching them makes kids grasp the information more quickly.

Plants as a source of food

We get fruits, vegetables, pulses, nuts, and grains from plants.


Animals as a source of food

We get some food items such as eggs, meat, fish, and milk from animals.

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  • breakfast – morning
  • lunch – afternoon
  • dinner – night

Mealtime practice teaches kids to be more disciplined and to know when to eat their three meals a day. Give them some activity to list what they had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week. By this activity, they come to know what dishes they are taking for their mealtime. Check our worksheets given below and download them.

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Food-based worksheets are created for class 1 kids. Worksheets are full of pictures that grasp kids’ attention.

  • From these worksheets, kids can get the practice of Distinguishing sources of food.
  • Match the given foods whether it’s sourced from plants or animals.
  • Differentiate from healthy and junk foods.
  • Difference Between fruits and vegetables.
  • Differentiate from cereals and pulses.

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