Quiz on Alphabets – Kindergarten Kids

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The below questions cover the topic in alphabets A – Z. The quiz contains questions on uppercase and lowercase alphabets, vowels, consonants, beginning sounds.

1. Which fruit begins with the letter ‘A’?

(a) orange    (b) pomegranate      (c) apple

2. Which letter comes after ‘P’?

(a)G  (b)K   (c)Q    (d)R

3. Which fruit begins with the letter ‘B’?

(a)Guava  (b) Banana    (c)Strawberry

4. Which letter comes before ”F?

(a)E      (b)O   (c)M      (d)B

5. Which letter comes after ‘Q’?

(a)N     (b)R      (c)U     (d)D

6. Which transport starts with the letter ‘T’?

(a) Airplane     (b) Train      (c)Bus

7. Which is the uppercase letter of ‘e’?

(a)H    (b)Y     (c)S     (d)E

8. Find the missing alphabet k__m?

(a)f       (b)b      (c)l     (d)w

9. Which fruit begins with the letter ‘S’?

(a)Pineapple    (b) Strawberry     (c) Watermelon

10. Find the missing alphabet  p__r?

(a) t      (b) g      (C) q     (d) k

11. Which flower starts with the letter ‘R?

(a) Jasmine    (b)Lotus       (C)Rose

12. Which is the lowercase letter of ‘Q’?

(a) q       (b) u       (c)o        (d) t

13. Which is the starting letter of the animal monkey?

(a) J   (B) G    (c) M      (d) D

14. How many alphabets are there?

(a)20      (b)28       (c)26        (d)27

15. Which animal name starts with the letter ‘C’?

(a) dog        (b) cat       (c) bear

16. Which are the correct vowel letters?

(a) a,e,i,o,u     (b) a,e,i,q,u      (C)  a,e,j,o,u

17. How many ‘b’ Letters are there?   b,b,d,o,b,b,a,c,b,d,b,b

(a) 7      (b) 8     (c) 5       (d) 9

18. How many consonants are there in alphabets?

(a) 20     (b) 21      (c) 22      (c) 24

19. How many vowels are there in alphabets?

(a) 6   (b) 7    (c) 9     (d) 5

20. Find the missing alphabet E__G?

(a)A     (b)F     (c) Y       (d) X

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