Grammar For Class 1 – One and More than One

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One and More than one concept makes kids differentiate by objects easily. When it comes in a sentence form they should understand whether they are talking about one object or more than one object. Picture demonstration will be easy for them to understand.

When we talk about more than one person or thing, we usually add -s or -es to the naming word. For example


For most naming words, we add -s at the end to show more than one. Let’s check these worksheets.

One and more than one

From this worksheet, kids can differentiate one and more than one object and add -s to the naming words.

For naming words that end with a ch, sh, s, or x sound, we add -es to the spelling to show more than one. Let’s check this worksheet below

One and more than one

In the above worksheet, for watch -es is added not -s because it ends with ch.

One and more than oneFrom the above worksheet, kids can identify whether it’s one or more than one naming word.

Download worksheets

  • Circle the correct naming word.
  • Add -s to the naming words.
  • Add -es to the naming words.

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