Shapes and Colours | Free worksheets For Preschoolers

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Shapes for preschoolers are a very important topic to cover. As soon as the kids start exploring the environment around them, they first visualize things as shapes. In our minds, every object around us is identified as a shape.

Importance of Shapes and Colours

Learning shapes while they explore the environment, makes them learn shapes quickly. Everything around us is perceived as shaped by our minds. The kids differentiate the objects by analyzing the shapes.

Colours differentiate the objects around them. Colours have an important role in expressing feelings and emotions.

Syllabus for Shapes and Colours 


  • Same shape matching
  • Object and shape matching
  • Circle the shape from the given
  • Trace the shape
  • Shape craft

shapes for preschoolers


  • Colours matching
  • Object colour matching
  • Colour craft

In the above worksheet, kids have to colour the pizza according to the given shape and colour.

Colours for preschoolers

Take two printouts of the above worksheet. One printout u keep as it is. another one cut the colours and ask the child to match the colours.

Dress me up worksheet

colours for preschoolers


colours for preschoolers

This is a colour matching worksheet. Kids love to do this. Cut the t-shirts and laminate the t-shirts bits. Ask the kid to pick any colour and dress the boy. Convert this worksheet as a reusable worksheet.

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Download Worksheets

  • Tracing shapes
  • Matching shapes
  • Colour the pizza according to the shapes
  • Shape flashcards
  • Colour flashcards
  • Dress me up, matching colours


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