Free Alphabet Printables for Preschoolers

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Preschool is the first step for the kid’s education. A child of 3 to 4 years is considered a preschooler. During these pandemic years, registered preschool educational institutions have been closed. Parents are in a situation to homeschool their kids.

Homeschooling is not a scary one. Spend time with your kids, sing and dance with them. Teach them while they play and make it a routine. Resources for teaching your child are available on the internet. There are so many ways to teach your child. Choose the appropriate one that fills your child’s needs.

Syllabus for Alphabets

  1. Prewriting strokes
  • Standing line
  • Sleeping line
  • Left – slanting line
  • Right – slanting line
  • Left curve
  • Right curve
  • Up curve
  • Down curve

2. Letters A – Z

  • Identification
  • Tracing
  • Objects related to each letter
  • Same letter matching
  • Uppercase and lowercase matching
  • Arrange in the correct order

3. Sentence Structure

  • I am a girl/boy
  • I am studying in class

4. Vocabulary Building

  • Words like Family, Home, Father, Mother, Sister, brother, Grandfather, Grandmother, and so on.

Check these printouts and make a preschool binder so that it will be help full for your kid to practice daily.

Letters A – Z

These alphabet flashcards will be helpful in matching the alphabet with objects.

These alphabet worksheets will be helpful in the identification of alphabets and matching uppercase with lowercase letters.

From the above worksheets, children can practice the identification of the letters.

Prewriting Strokes









These are the strokes for writing practice. With these strokes, kids can write letters easily. Take a printout of it and make a DIY reusable worksheet, so that the kid can practice daily.

Download worksheets

  • Uppercase and lowercase alphabets
  • Spot the letter
  • Pattern tracing
  • Alphabet Flashcards


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