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For class 1, they introduce little in-depth subtraction concepts. Kids learn subtraction by various categories. By giving regular practice kids can understand the subtraction concept more quickly. Let’s see the various category to teach subtraction.

Basics of subtraction

Picture and number subtraction are the basics of subtraction. Practice your kids with counting the objects. They can rapidly pick up subtraction if they are good at counting. While starting the subtraction concept for class 1 kids, just revise counting and picture subtraction.

Tips to remember for kids:

  • To take away is subtraction
  • “-” is the symbol for subtraction.
  • The answer that we get after subtraction is called the difference.

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Category of Subtraction

Subtraction by Crossing out

This is the basics of subtraction like they do in picture subtraction.

Simple Tip:

Reinforce that when we subtract one from any number the answer is the number that comes before.

Subtracting Zero

Explain the concept of zero to reinforce the concept. Reinforce that when we subtract zero from any number the answer is the number itself. Make sure that you teach your child that zero has no value. So adding zero and subtracting zero to any number the answer is the number itself. Thus, we have 1 – 0 = 1.

Subtracting the Same Number

To make the kids understand this concept when you subtract a number from the same number, the answer is zero teach them by objects. For example, Hema has 6 balloons and all 6 balloons burst out. So how many balloons are left?

Subtracting Single-digit Numbers

Subtraction Using the Number Line

To add using the number line, you jump forward. To subtract using the number, you jump backward. give repeated practice to the children to draw a number line for different subtraction problems. Make sure that the children know that the difference between two consecutive numbers is 1. For example, 10 – 9 = 1, 8 –  7 = 1.

check our free worksheet which includes number lines in the worksheet so that the kids can practice subtraction easily.

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Horizontal and Vertical Subtraction

The horizontal and vertical subtraction concept is the same as the addition.

Subtracting Single-digit and Two-digit Numbers

For this concept, they should know the place values. First, they subtract ones place values then they subtract the tens place value.

Download Worksheets

  • Subtracting by crossing out
  • Subtracting zero and the same number
  • single-digit and two-digit Subtraction
  • Subtracting using a number line

Click here to download the worksheet

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