Grammar For Class 1 – Naming, Doing and Describing words | Free Worksheets

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Naming Words or Nouns

All people, places, animals, and things have a name. All these words are used for naming something or someone. The words that we use for naming people, places, animals, and things are called naming words or nouns.

For example, look at the naming words given below:

People: man, doctor, father, singer, Amit

Places: Delhi, India, Mumbai, park, school, hospital

Animals: tiger, cat, ant, fish, parrot, birds

Things: bucket, table, tree, pencil, milk

In the above worksheet choose the correct naming word from the picture and write them below the pictures. In this worksheet mixed pictures of people, animals, places, and some things are given. This helps to name the naming words.

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In the above worksheet match the pictures with the names given in the center.

In the above worksheet, sentences are given.

For example,

  1. This is my brother. ( brother represents a person. So in this sentence brother is the naming word.)

Doing Words or Verb

Doing words tell us what persons, animals, or things do. They are also called verbs.

In the above worksheets, stands, plays, drinks, writes, stitches, close are doing words. Fill the appropriate words according to the sentences.

In the above worksheet, some sentences are given. Underline the correct doing words in the given sentences.

For example,

I drink milk every day. (In this sentence drink is the doing word because drink is the action done here.)

Describing word or Adjective word

The words that describe or tell us more about a naming word are called describing words. They are also called adjective words.

For example:

  1. a tall boy (person)
  2. a small room (place)
  3. a brown dog (animal)
  4. a round ball ( thing)

The words tall, small, brown, and round are describing words that describe boy, room, dog, and ball.

In the above worksheet, choose the correct describing words and use them in the below sentences.

In the above worksheet underline the describing words.

Download Worksheets

Click here to download the free worksheets.

  • Choose the correct naming words.
  • Underline the naming words.
  • Choose the correct doing words.
  • Underline the doing words.
  • Circle the describing words.







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