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What is a Number Name?

Number names are an alphabetical representation of numbers. It is a method of representing numbers in word forms.

For example, The number 4 can be represented as “FOUR” in word form. 

Uses Of Number Names

  1. To Represent Numbers: Names are used to represent a thing, place, humans, etc. Just like that, we represent numbers by names.
  2. Used in documents: To double-check the numbers in an important document whether the denoted numbers are correct. Especially when they use big numbers like 600,000 words six lakhs
  3. Bank: We use number names in bank checks and passbooks to denote the numbers. For example, 45,670 can be written as forty-five thousand six hundred and seventy.
  4. While writing stories or books they represent numbers in word form so that it goes well with the stories.

Tricks To Teach

  • I divide the number names into three divisions
  1. Teen family names: The words which end with “Teen”, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and so on. The numbers 13 to 19 belong to this teen family.
  2. Ty family names: The words that end with “ty”, twenty, thirty, and so on. The multiples of 10 up to 90 end with “ty”.
  3. Above Hundred: 100, 1000, 100000, and so on to this family.

number names

  • Highlight in colors: In the above worksheet, you can see the numbers ending with “teen” are highlighted in red. The numbers ending with “ty” are highlighted in blue. By highlighting colors, kids can easily grasp through visual memory. If the kids are thorough with these numbers they can write the spelling of any numbers. For 59 they must know fifty and nine spelling.
  • Zero: In number names, we don’t use the word “zero” to represent numbers ending with 0.
  • Hyphen: We use a small hyphen “-” to combine two spelling of numbers from 21 to 99. For 34, we write as thirty-four.
  • Songs/Rhymes: For kindergarten kids, songs are used to introduce number names.
  • Flashcards: Number names are sight words so flashcards can be used to teach them.
  • Worksheets: Rescramble number names, missing letters, number names puzzles, and matching worksheets can be used to give practice to kids.

 Learning Video With Games

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