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10 ways to Improve kids Handwriting

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Handwriting is an important skill for a kid to develop. It’s one of the important motor skills to be developed in a child. During the pandemic years, schools were closed and many mothers’ questions were about how to improve their kid’s handwriting. Even my child lost his handwriting. But regular practice can help your kid of any age to improve their handwriting. Let’s discuss the ways to improve handwriting and its importance.

Ways to improve handwriting

Sitting Posture

Sitting Posture

The minute you think to improve your kid’s handwriting, the first thing you have to check is their sitting posture. Sitting properly matters in improving your kid’s handwriting.  Proper sitting posture helps them to write comfortably and stress freely. Make sure they sit straight comfortably and the book is at their eye level.


Pencil grip

The finger grip is very important. Some kids hold the pencil or pen tightly. Some will hold loosely. Try to hold the pencil or pen with 3 fingers. Practice with a pen or pencil which has 3 sides. So that the kids can hold them with a grip.

Alphabet drills

alphabet drills

Check the above image, these alphabet drills can be given to kids for practicing letters.


Proper spacing of words makes handwriting look neatly. Teach them to give proper spacing between words.

Excess pressure

Some kids put excess pressure on the pencil while writing. This makes an impression on the next page of what they have written on the before page. Giving excess pressure on pencils will hurt their fingers and they don’t show interest in writing neatly. So make sure they are writing without any pressure on their fingers.

Slant( right, left, straight)

Some got the habit of right slant, and some will write straight. Go with their unique way of writing. But some kids don’t have control over the words. Some words will be on a right slant, some will be on left and some will be straight. It won’t look nice. Practice writing in one slant so all the words will be even and look nice.

Don’t tangle letters and words

Make sure children don’t tangle letters and words. It will spoil your handwriting. Give proper space to words so that the handwriting looks good.

Practice Pangram


Have you heard about the word “Pangram”?. It was quite new for me also. A pangram is a sentence that contains all 26 letters. For example, check these sentences.

  1. The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.
  2. The five boxing wizards jump quickly.
  3. Two driven jocks help fax my big quiz.

Did u check it? Isn’t it crazy?. Children cannot practice writing all 26 letters at once if we only give them words or sentences. By practicing pangram sentences your kid can practice all 26 letters in one sentence.

Please check out and download my pangram sentence worksheet for practicing handwriting.

Handwriting books

Various handwriting books are available on market. Choose according to the age of your kids. Four lines notes are perfect for a kid to practice handwriting. Start with 2 letter words, then slowly start sentences.

Importance of Having Good Handwriting

  • Conveys clarity
  • Shows your knowledge
  • It makes your paper presentation neat
  • Makes evaluation easy




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