how to introduce writing to toddlers

How to Introduce Writing to Toddlers

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If you have a toddler at home, I hope ur walls and floors in your home will have scribbling with crayons. Definitely, you will be searching on google for “how to erase these crayons marks on the wall”. Sure I am one of them. This is the signal kids give us. They are asking us for a space to draw their art. At this stage give them a note to scribble and advise them not to scribble on walls.

When to introduce writing


The perfect age to introduce writing will be around 2 1/2  to 3. At this stage, they themselves show us a sign to start by scribbling on walls and paper. Start with crayons and slowly introduce them to stokes and lines. Their finger grip is more important for practicing handwriting.



When kids start scribbling on walls and notebooks, give them scribbling time every day. Scribbling helps the child to increase the finger grip and this is the first stage of writing.

Strokes patterns

There are basic stroke patterns for kindergartens to start writing the alphabet. Please check my blog ” English Alphabet Pattern Tracing – Free Worksheets” for more updates and free worksheets. 

Introducing Cursive Writing

cursive writing


Tracing helps the child to understand the lines and curves in an alphabet. Start with lines and strokes. Whether it’s a letter or shape, tracing makes a child understand the pattern of what they are doing.

First, teach lower case letters

It’s better to teach the lowercase letters first because we use them more often than the capital letters. Teach a letter for a day so that they won’t get confused. In beginning, they imagine each letter as an image or picture. Slowly they recognize the letter pattern.

Categorize Alphabet

While start teaching the letters, categorize the letters according to the patterns. It makes them understand the letter even more clearly. While introducing cursive writing for kindergartens, the English alphabet can be categorized into four groups

  1. Clock climbers: a, d, g, q, c
  2. Kite strings: i, u, w, t, j, p, r, s, o
  3. Loop: h, k, b, f, l, e
  4. Hills and valleys: m, n, v, x, y, z

Move according to the child’s pace

10 ways to Improve kids Handwriting

Start teaching according to the child’s pace. For kindergarten kids, it’s always better to start the practice after they have a snap. After sleeping they feel a little fresh and won’t cram for what they are doing.

Sit with the child

Sit with the child

Always sit with your child while starting handwriting. Don’t ask your child to write and do some other work. The child can get disturbed and boring easily if they are doing it alone. They won’t show interest then. It’s better to sit with them and encourage them to write.

Practice daily

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes a man perfect. Make a schedule and give them time to practice every day. Consistency is more important to make them write neatly as a habit. Regular practice and time schedule make them a habit and start writing by themself. While making a time schedule, include time for handwriting. This increase their confidence level and hope.






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