How to Improve kid's Spelling Mistakes

How to Improve kid’s Spelling Mistakes

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Some kids are good readers but not good spellers. Some kids are good spellers but not readers. It’s quite natural that kids take time to learn something new. Spelling is an important skill for a kid to develop. Reading and spelling a word help each other to understand a sentence. If they are good at reading they can spell the words easily. Simultaneously, If they are good at spelling they can read and write the sentence easily.

Read Loud, Spell It, Write it

The first and foremost way to teach spelling is to make the child read the word loudly and clearly. The kid has to spell the word correctly and then write it. By reading the word loudly, they can hear the sound of the word and can spell it correctly. This technique will be helpful in teaching sight words. Dolch sight words and Fry sight words can be practiced to read and write.

First I teach my kids in this way. But for certain words, they struggle. In that case, you can use the following techniques.

How to Teach Spelling


Phonics helps kids to spell the word correctly. So that they can grasp the pronunciation of the word easily. While teaching phonics sounds simultaneously practice them to identify the spelling of the words.

If kids know the phonic sounds of the letters they can grasp the sound of the letter and write the spelling. If you want to teach the spelling of the word “Ship” the kid can divide the letter sounds “sh” and “ip” and can write the spelling correctly.

phonics word family

The word family in phonics helps the kid to write the spelling correctly.

Practice Starting, Middle, and Ending sounds

correct first sound

If the kid is thorough with the phonics letter sounds start practicing to identify the starting, middle, and ending sounds. You can make it as a word game and practice identifying the sound correctly. Ask them orally first, so that they can try to identify the word and spell the word correctly.

Consonant and Vowels

Consonant and Vowels

Make sure they know Which letters are vowels and consonants. By identifying the vowels and consonants the kids can differentiate the word spelling. In Phonics, there is a consonant blend sound. Practice them to identify the spelling of the word.

CVC words

CVC words

CVC words are the Consonant Vowel Consonant words. The middle letter will be a vowel. You can use this CVC sounds practice for three-letter words. For example, in the word CAT middle letter A is a vowel, first and last letter is consonant.

Color pencils ( Rainbow writing)


For sight words and difficult words, you can use this rainbow technique. As the word denotes “Rainbow” each letter can be written in different colors. You can also use this technique to denote the word family sounds separate.

For example,


This helps the kids to practice difficult words.

Spelling Box

If a kid is struggling to learn a difficult word, then you can teach by spelling box technique.

spelling box

For example in the above picture, boxes are given under the image. The kid has to write each letter of the word “Fish” in the box.

If you are teaching spelling through word family you can write each word family in one box. For example, Ship can be written as Sh in one box and ip in one box.

Pyramid or Staircase Writing

Pyramid or staircase writing is nothing but adding each letter step by step to form a word. This helps your kid’s memory power and identify each letter of the word.

For example, If you take the word “Children”, the kid has to write it as

  • C
  • Ch
  • Chi
  • Chil
  • Child
  • Childr
  • Childre
  • Children

Writing like this helps him or her to remember what letter comes next which helps to remember the spelling of the word.

Ways To Improve kid Spelling

  1. Teach the meaning of the word: By knowing the meaning of the word they can remember the word and its spelling easily.
  2. Correcting by themselves: Make your child correct the spelling by themselves. So that they are aware of the mistakes.
  3. Play spy word games: The kid has to find the correct spelling word.
  4. Practice Rhyming words: Rhyming words help to read the same rhyme words.
  5. Practice Everyday: Practice as many times so that the kid can understand and be familiar with the words.









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