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Playdough Mats – Fun Activity For kids | Free Printables

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Keeping children between the ages of 2 and 4 busy can be challenging. We look for activities to keep them entertained and educated. Kindergarten kids are fascinated by everything around them. They admire and learn new things all the time. Playdough activities are fun and help to develop their motor skills. It’s a great indoor activity especially when it’s raining outside. Check out the download section for free printables of playdough mats of Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, and Number counting.

What is a Playdough mat?

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Playdough mats are printables of some pictures which you can download and protect by laminating or by inserting them into protector sheets. Kids can make letters or pictures using playdough. This gives them an excellent opportunity to develop their fine motor skills.

What do children learn from playdough mat activities?

Kids use their hands to replicate the image on the mat. This helps them to activate their small buddy hands and improves their hands-on activity on playdough. They develop good imagination and fine motor skills, and at last keep them busy for a long time.

At what age is playdough appropriate

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There’s nothing wrong to start at the age of 1 year. It makes them busy and helps them to learn new things. One concern is that please be with your kid while playing with play dough. They don’t know that they are playing, and they are sometimes tempted to keep their hands on their mouth. Encourage and teach them to make and play with the playdough and not to keep it in their mouths. Even the homemade dough will be filled with germs while they use their hands to make the shape. So teach them not to keep it in their mouth.

Is Commerical playdough toxic?

Commercial playdough is not toxic but they are made of chemicals. There are so many playdough brands available in the market but I prefer homemade playdough. Kids use the playdough on the laminated sheet or protector sheets to interact with the picture. It may be filled with germs. It’s better to use homemade playdough instead of a commercial one.

Homemade playdough recipes

I personally prefer using homemade playdough. You can save your money and it’s safe for them.

Things Needed

  • All-purpose flour
  • water
  • salt
  • food color/watercolor of your choice
  • oil
  • Cream of tartar optional


First, mix all the dry ingredients according to your need. Then add little oil. Add water little by little until you get a perfect dough. Divide the dough and add the food color/watercolor of your choice. I don’t use tartar. Check the below resources for a dough with tartar.

I used to make temporary playdough and throw it away after use. If your kids are crazy about playdough activities and you like to make perfect homemade playdough check out these resources

How to preserve playdough projects

Playdough activities cannot be preserved for a long time. Some kids like to keep their work for some time. I came out searching this site in WikiHow to preserve the playdough for some time so that the kids can admire their work.


playdough mats

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